Organization Writing Trait

#2 Writing Trait: Organization

This writing trait is the structure of the writing. To be organized is to have structure in your writing which also means there ahould be order. A lack of order could confuse the reader. If the reader needs to think about the order of events or ideas means you lack order. Every piece of information that makes up the writing has a specific order and must delivered at the right moment.

The writer should follow the basic structure as follows:

  1. Introduce an idea with a lead that captures the readers attention. Writng Effective Leads
  2. Complete the idea with ordered details that support the idea. Supporting Details
  3. A conclusion that ties all the details together and colpetes the idea. Writing Conclusions

The lead should should grab the readers attention and make them want to read until they reach a conclusion. For instance: If the writing started with this sentence - “The man ran through the crowd carrying what looked like a green alien”. This opening sentence could make the reader want to find out what happened.

The deatils that follow should be interesting and push the reader toward the conclusion. The conclusion should “wow” the reader. This is how some stories, articles and books become popular. Every exciting story becomes the topic of dicussion amongst friends and acquaintances.

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