6 Traits of Writing

6 Traits of Writing

6 Traits of Writing

The 6 Traits of Writing are as follows:

  1. Ideas
  2. Organization
  3. Word Choice
  4. Voice
  5. Sentence Fluency
  6. Conventions

The 6 traits are important to learn to become a good writer. These are the building blocks that kids need to learn to develop proper writing skills. Writing skills are very important for every aspect of life. Give your kids a great start by teaching them these writing traits before your teacher does.
Also, I cannot stress this enough. A student (or anyone aspiring to gain proper writing skills) is never to old to learn the 6 traits of writing. Whether it is a grade school age, college student or someone just wanting to write Blog posts, articles, short stories, or a complete book. To do anything with writing, learning these 6 writing traits is very important.

See our Youtube video below.

Other Video Explanations of the 6 Traits of Writng

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